Dedicated sailor through most of my life. Ranging from family crusing and dinghy sailing to coaching and race offical work.

“A Bad Day Sailing Is Better Than Good Day At Work."

Race offical experience

National Judge (NJ)
Mar 2015 – Present
Judging at national level for fleet racing events. Primarily dinghy/youth events with on water rule 42. Passed national and international seminar.
Aug 2014 – Present
Matchracing umpire at regional level. Passed national test seminar.
Rule 42 Seminar
May 2014 – Present
Rule 42 (Appendix P) seminar.


SRC certificate
Short Range Certificate with DSC. (VHF radio up to 25Watts)
Power boat license
Certificate for operation of powerboats. Covers planning hulls except “Personal Watercrafts” less than 15 meters in length.

Crew experience

Danish Sailing Leauge

Training for the danish national sailing league and particpating as bowman for my sailing club.

  • J/80 (practice)
  • J/70 (racing)
Coaching kids aging from 8 to 15 in various youth classes. Optimist, Zoom8, 29er, Europe, Laser etc. Hosting semiars covering the rules of sailing. Member of planning committee for racing events.
Evening races and distance races

Crewing on different boats for evening races, primarily as bowman/trimmer

  • Albin Nova 33
  • X-35
  • X-99
  • Dynamic 35
  • J/105
  • Melges 32
Dinghy sailing

Dinghy sailing from childhood.

  • Optimist
  • Europe Class