IMDb to Hugo Markdown

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By definition, a static page generator does not support dynamic data.

Here I implement a solution that generates Markdown files for the Hugo page generator.


I have used the IMDb service for years. I rate every movie I watch and use it as a reminder to myself of what movies I need to watch and which movies I have watched. (See Currently my list is well over 650 movies and counting. IMDb allows for exporting the list to CSV format, the CSV file

The following fields are avaible in the CSV file.

ConstIMDb identifier
Your RatingYour rating (0-10)
Date RatedDate rated (YYYY-MM-DD)
URLDirect URL to the IMDb page
Title TypeMovie/TV Series/TV Episode/TV Mini Series/TV Movie/TV Special/TV Short/Video Game/Video/Short
IMDb RatingAverage IMDb Rating (0-10 with 1 digit)
Runtime (mins)-
YearRelease year.
GenresComma separated list of genres
Num VotesNumber of votes
Release DateOfficial release date (YYYY-MM-DD)
DirectorsIn quotes and comma separated if more than one.


I opted to use PHP for the implementation and the composer package manager.

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