Online Tools

A range of high quality tools you can use from your browser on any system.


Sometimes you are simply stuck on a system where you can not install your own preferred tools. This is where online browser-based tools come to the rescue.

    • Scan a url and provide a detailed report. Great for checking suspicious links without opening them in your own browser.
    • Report
  • CyberChef
    • CyberChef is a highly flexible tool allowing you to combine small programmable blocks, that can process and convert data that you may stumble upon. Hexdumping, Base64, Hashing, Compression, EXIF and much much more.
    • Debugging
  • Virus Total
    • Provide a file or a URL and VirusTotal will scan the input using more than 70 different antivirus tools.
    • Report
  • SSL Labs
    • Perform a detailed analysis of your SSL/TLS server configuration. Includes feedback on which settings to optimize to improve the security.
  • Mozilla Observatory
    • Similar to SSL Labs, Mozilla Observatory analyzes and provides feedback on how to improve the site.
    • Report
  • Shodan
    • Shodan is for TCP/IP what Google is for the web. Shodan performs global ip and port scanning with the results easily accessible through a search engine.
    • Search
  • Onlinedisassembler
    • As the name suggest provides a purely online tool for analyzing binary executables.
    • Debugging
  • Gitpod
    • Online IDE built on Theia
    • Development
  • JSFiddle
    • HTML/CSS/JavaScript sandbox
    • Development
    • Online IDE and runtime
    • Development
  • Puppeteer Sandbox
    • Play with “Puppeteer” the headless interface for the Chrome browser. Automate scraping, screenshot, print-to-pdf, automatic testing etc.
    • Development
  • RESTNinja
    • Online REST client and HTTP requests playground. Make HTTP/AJAX requests.
    • Debugging
  • HTTPbin
    • REST endpoint for testing and development.
    • Debugging
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