Software Engineer

Phillips-Medisize A/S


Jens True is an employee at Phillips-Medisize working on a wide range of electronic projects, mainly focusing on low-level embedded programming.

Jens has many years of experience working on embedded software projects. The primary focus is on development in the C language. But through various projects, he has also acquired experience with programming in C++, C#, Python, PHP, and JavaScript. Furthermore, he has broad experience with modern software development tools and concepts, such as modeling tools, continuous integration, test-driven development, bug trackers, and version control systems.

In his spare time, Jens enjoys sailing and riding his motorbike.

  • Embedded software
  • Control theory
  • Continuous Integration
  • Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics, 2019

    Aarhus University School of Engineering

  • Highschool (STX), Mathematical line, 2007

    Struer Statsgymnasium


Professional work areas and personal interests

C, C++, Assembly

Embedded programming. AVR, ARM, ST, nRF, PIC

Development tools

Static code analysis, CI/CD tools, Software modeling tools.


Linux development for embedded systems and servers. Docker, RDBMs, package managers.


Webdevelopment. HTML/JS, PHP, SQL, NodeJS, WebSockets.

Control theory

Design, Implementation, Simulation, MATLAB/SimuLink.

Quality management

Development under QMS, ISO 13485/62304, Medical device software.


Work and education related

Phillips-Medisize A/S
Software Engineer
June 2019 – Present Struer, Denmark

Software Engineer on medical devices

  • Embedded programming, drivers, and services in C/C++
  • Support tools in Python and C#
  • Control theory
  • Product development under QMS - IEC62304 & ISO13485
  • Software lead
AU - Aarhus University
Bachelor in Electronic Engineering
September 2016 – June 2019 Herning, Denmark

Bachelor of Engineering - Electronics

  • Software Development, Digital Design, Analog Electronics, Digital Signal Processing
  • Group semester projects
  • Elective classes
    • Advanced Digital Design
    • Advanced Software Development
    • IOT - Internet of Things
    • Big Data/Machine Learning
  • Bachelor project
    • Mocking hardware in software to facilitate automated testing of embedded devices
Development technician
January 2010 – January 2019 Lemvig, Denmark

Development support technician. Primary employment focused on software development and support in development-related tasks.

  • Embedded software
  • Web development
  • Customer support and hardware servicing
  • Windows software and server applications


Introduction to Safety for Electrical Medical Devices and IEC 60601

Learning goals:

  • Understand what basic safety for a medical device is.
  • Understand why and how basic safety is implemented and the most common pitfalls in medical device product development and how to avoid them.
  • Strengthen your communication skills in the area of basic safety for medical devices.
  • Build awareness of effective management of safety throughout the product lifecycle.
Risk Management for Medical Devices and ISO 14971:2019
Blended classroom and online training.
Introduction to Risk Management for Medical Devices and ISO 14971:2019

Learning goals:

  • To understand the overall process of risk management and how to create safe medical devices.
  • To strengthen the ability of participants to independently perform risk analysis, risk evaluation and risk control.
  • To establish and increase knowledge on risk management tools and their differences, such as FMEA and P-FMEA.
Software development - regulatory requirements
Course content: - EU Medical Device Regulation - FDA regulations - Good practice: SW lifecycle processes - 60601 with focus on chapter 14, contribution of SW to essential performance - 62304 - Software development lifecycle - Development For class C software - Short intro to risk management - ISO 14971 - Software safety class - Software risk in relation to 62304 - Concept cybersecurity - Cybersecurity risk management process - Agile SW development - GDPR/HIPAA - Tool validation
Device Control Training

Course content:

  • Introduction
  • Medical devices - EU
  • Combination products
  • Quality system strategy
  • Design Controls
  • Planning
  • User needs -> Design input
  • Risk management
  • Design Output
  • Design Review
  • Design Verification
  • Design Validation
  • Design Transfer
  • Design Changes
  • Design Documentation ”DHF”


Ways to get hold of me

Jens Christian Kallesøe True